Training in quantum computing needed? QMware offers customized training courses.

Looking for training in quantum computing? QMware offers training programs customized to meet individual needs and skill levels.For training courses tailored to students, for example, the QMware summer school hosted with Technikum Vienna is a fun experience to dive into the world of quantum. After all, it addresses a serious topic: Already today, there is a serious shortage of talent in quantum computing. That’s why QMware and Technikum Vienna offered the first summer training course in 2021, inviting students from all over Europe to learn about quantum computing and work on first applications. The training included lessons in quantum computing theory as well as access to QMware's proprietary Software Development Kit. Using the QMware SDK, students developed and tested their hybrid quantum algorithms on the QMware cloud. The training course served as a blueprint for further educational programs.

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QMware provides training in quantum computing for students and organizations at any level. Contact us today to learn how we can customize your training and help you and your team start the journey in quantum computing.

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