We are QMware

The leading Quantum HPC Company with private cloud.

Our purpose: Revolutionize computing to spur human innovation.

Leveraging hybrid quantum computing, we redefine the limits of computing performance. With QMware Cloud, we offer a unique hybrid quantum infrastructure to enable quantum applications today.

At QMware, we are dedicated to leverage quantum for good to spur human innovation. This is a team effort. And together with our partners, we make this purpose our guiding principle in our daily work.

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Universität Stuttgart
Technikum Wien
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The QMware ecosystem:

Quantum computing is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. It requires a sustained and collaborative effort to make quantum computing a reality.

At QMware, we believe that collaboration and partnership are the key to unlocking the full potential of quantum computing. We highly value our network of partners in industry, research, and academia, as well as software and hardware technology and quantum platform providers. Through our robust network of partners, we strive to create a collaborative ecosystem that can drive the development and adoption of quantum computing technologies.

We are proud to be at the epicenter of an ecosystem that can make quantum computing accessible and impactful for businesses and organizations around the world.

It’s on us to design the future. Together.

Portrait of Markus Pflitsch, CEO and Co-founder QMware

“At QMware, we see quantum computing as a unique opportunity to extend our human capabilities and tackle the world's most complex challenges. By leveraging this technology, we can process information in ways that were previously impossible, unlocking new insights and driving innovation for good.”

Markus Pflitsch

CEO, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of QMware

A hybrid approach to quantum computing: Redefining what’s possible.

Quantum is more in sync with nature. Understanding quantum mechanics and leveraging them purposefully opens the door to unprecedented progress. At QMware, we aim to unlock these early advantages and enable our customers to find answers to the world’s most pressing challenges: weather modeling, the global energy supply, drug discovery, and medical treatments.

We pave the way into the quantum age.

With the best of classical and quantum hardware, we drive the evolution of computing and deliver the next level of performance. The QMware platform is the enabling technology for software developers, quantum hardware providers, and industry customers to meet, collaborate and build commercial applications.

QMware leadership team: Thinking fast forward.

Innovation needs the spark of human creativity and the courage to make a decision. Please meet our leadership team.

Portrait of Markus Pflitsch, CEO and Co-founder QMware

Markus Pflitsch

CEO, co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Georg Gesek, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder QMware

George Gesek

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder


Dr. Eike Marx

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)


Stephen Nundy

Member of the Board

Corporate Visual of QMware showing a data cloud made of a fine network of colored waves (green and copper color)

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