QMware Cloud for platform providers

QMware offers you a universal backend for your quantum computing challenge.

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Your quantum-classical backend in the QMware Cloud.

If you are a platform as a service provider looking to offer your users the latest in quantum-classical computing technology, the QMware cloud platform is just the right fit.  

The QMware Cloud Platform merges HPC, Simulated and Native Quantum Hardware to provide next-level computing performance

The QMware Cloud: a hybrid quantum-classical platform.

The QMware cloud gives access to the best-in-class hardware technology. Our platform merges HPC, Simulated and Native Quantum Hardware to provide next-level computing performance.

Merging classical and quantum hardware, your users will be able to develop their hybrid quantum applications today and prepare for the fully fault-tolerant quantum computers of tomorrow.

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Quantum computing for your customers. Today.

At QMware, we offer a leading quantum-classical cloud platform with a private cloud. With this setup, your customers can start to work on their applications today.

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Universität Stuttgart
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Quix Quantum

Partners and Customers trust in the QMware Cloud.

Better solutions. Faster. This is why you choose QMware.

Faster results, and more accurate icon

Faster results, and more accurate

Enhance your computing performance via hybrid quantum computing approach.

Future-proof investment icon

Future-proof investment

Hardware agnostic platform provides flexibility in hardware use.

Secure Private Cloud icon

Secure Private Cloud

GDPR compliant and GAIA-X compatible, ISO and SOC certifications.

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Cost-effective quantum simulator

Up to 40 error-free Qubits to train your algorithms.

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QMware Cloud: Bringing research into application.

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A quantum cloud for German industry.

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