Our Quantum Explore offering is your sneak preview into the world of hybrid quantum computing via QMware Cloud Services.

Quantum Explore: Your fast lane into the world of Quantum Computing

Our qXPLR offering provides you with the perfect setup to explore the benefits of quantum computing. Following a hybrid quantum computing approach, QMware merges classical and quantum resources with heterogeneous processing. Available via QMware’s quantum cloud platform, users can explore and build early use cases in a private and GDPR-compliant environment.


– your dedicated Quantum Runtime Environment to explore and test first use cases.

Your Benefits
  • QMware Simulator Basiq_SDK – CPU & *GPU
  • Up to 42 simulated Qubits
  • Pennylane plug-in
  • QuEra Simulator
  • QPU access via Webservices (BYO Token)
  • Unlimited access 24/7, no SLA
  • Defined user seats fair-use (20 user seats)
  • 100 GB nvme-flash storage per Service
  • Up to 6 months PoC
  • *GPU access: on request.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Quick setup and access
  • Easy user administration
  • Flexibility in Python SDK usage – compatible with most Quantum SDKs (Qiskit, Cirq, , etc.)
  • Flexibility in quantum simulator usage
  • Multiple Native Quantum Processors available (BYO Token)
  • Transparent costs

Book your individual quantum training session.

How does quantum computing work? What’s the best use case for you to start exploring the benefits? And how do you get started on the QMware cloud? We offer quantum training sessions to help our industry clients, research partners, and next-generation quantum engineers deepen their skills.

Building blocks for your quantum computing training:

Depending on your prior knowledge or specific interests, we customize the learning experience for you. There are three building blocks to level up your game.


  • Review Linear Algebra
  • Quantum Theory & Quantum Mechanics
  • Introduction to main algorithm concepts
  • Overview Quantum Ecosystem EU/USA


  • Introduction to QMware’s SDK
  • Onboarding Qognite / Cloud orchestration
  • Cofiguration Quantum Application
  • Exploiting quantum advantage for industry


  • Deployment quantum solution
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Performance and Robustness Tuning
  • Benchmarking Quantum Advantage

QMware's summer school: Quantum training for next-generation quantum engineers.

At QMware, we are committed to nurturing the European quantum ecosystem and supporting emerging talent to kickstart their careers in quantum computing. To achieve this, we collaborate with academic partners to offer comprehensive quantum training programs.

Quantum training: Latest collaborations.

Photo of participants of the QMware Summer school in Vienna in 2022

Technikum Vienna and QMware launch summer school in quantum computing.

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Graphic of a transistor in a close up, colored in green

QMware technology for Leibniz Supercomputing Centre.

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