Benchmarking services

Empowering quantum computing evaluation and benchmarking.

Benchmarking of publicly available quantum computing technologies.

As leading platform for hybrid quantum computing, we provide quantum experts and industry insights through continuous performance monitoring of publicly available simulated and native quantum computing platforms.

Providing insights for early industry applications.

Our comprehensive benchmarking services deliver reliable insights for anyone evaluating the implementation of quantum computing. We aim to support industry pioneers and business executives to efficiently utilize quantum technology benefits today and prepare for the quantum future. Therefore, we continuously provide leaders in relevant industries and experts with benchmarking services for up-to-date insights for the ideal application of the technology. The presented results mean to support greater industry adoption.

QMware’s benchmarking services: Delivering insights tailored to your needs

QMware’s benchmarking services support your efforts to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving quantum computing landscape. We can assist you with:

1. Testing quantum hardware technology and evaluating their performance alongside market leaders

2. Evaluating performance and fidelity of specific quantum software designs

3. Comparing different hybrid setups, including classical as well as simulated and native quantum hardware.

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Latest benchmarking: Training quantum neural networks

Our latest benchmarking was conducted to investigate how the prediction accuracy and training time of quantum neural networks can be improved by utilizing a hybrid quantum-classical approach.

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