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Better software solutions with QMware Cloud.

QMware offers quantum software companies the opportunity to leverage the power of quantum-classical computing to build next-level business applications. Whether you’re looking to scale your quantum software offerings or establish yourself as a leader in the field of quantum-classical computing, QMware has the resources and support you need to succeed.

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QMware: Empowering quantum software innovations

Leverage QMware’s expertise to build and deploy quantum software more efficiently and cost-effectively. We are committed to providing quantum software providers with a robust development environment, tailored to foster innovation and accelerate the creation of cutting-edge solutions. Our quantum cloud services support your efforts to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving quantum computing landscape, making QMware the partner of choice for those looking to push the boundaries of technology.

The QMware Cloud Platform merges HPC, Simulated and Native Quantum Hardware to provide next-level computing performance

The QMware Cloud: a hybrid quantum-classical platform.

The QMware cloud platform provides access to best-in-class quantum-classical computing hardware technology. Our platform merges classical, simulated and native quantum hardware to provide next-level computing performance. Combining classical and quantum hardware, you can build your hybrid quantum applications today and prepare for the fully fault-tolerant quantum computers of tomorrow.

Our product portfolio:

QMware offers cloud and cloud@customer services to start working on industry applications.

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Cloud computing

Access QMware cloud services or choose QMware Cloud@Customer.

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Professional services

Our end-to-end solution offers algorithm design, customization support, benchmarking, and quantum training.

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Universität Stuttgart
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Terra Quantum
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Quix Quantum

Our ecosystem: Offering exposure and visibility.

Thanks to our network of industry clients, research, and academic institutions, we connect you with the pioneers in quantum computing. Working with QMware helps you build brand awareness and expand your customer base in the rapidly evolving quantum computing landscape.

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Benchmarking computing performance for your application.

QMware’s unique hybrid approach provides you with unprecedented computing power. We benchmark our capabilities for transparency in the market.

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The QMware Cloud Platform: Key features.

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Faster results, and more accurate

Enhance your computing performance via hybrid quantum computing approach.

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Secure private cloud

GDPR- and GAIA-X compliant, ISO and SOC certifications.

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Cost-effective quantum simulator

Up to 42 error-free Qubits to train your algorithms.

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Future-proof investment

Hardware agnostic platform provides flexibility in hardware use.