Hybrid Quantum Computing

Merging classical and quantum computing for peak performance

The future of compute is hybrid

QMware is redefining the future of hybrid quantum cloud services as Europe’s leading provider. Our technology seamlessly integrates Quantum into High-Performance Computing (Q-HPC) systems, enhancing their total performance and efficiency. Our Quantum as a Service product portfolio enables academia,

research, and industries to tackle today’s challenges leveraging

next-level computing performance.

The Quantum Core: Quantum Processing Units on QMware’s computing platform

Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) are integral to QMware’s cloud services. By merging classical and quantum computing, we empower businesses to achieve immediate, application-specific performance enhancements and set the stage for the quantum evolution.

Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer QuEra Computing

“The collaboration with QMware is a strategic step to address the growing demand for top-tier quantum solutions in the European market. Our combined expertise and resources pave the way for complex computing challenges to be solved with the ideal combination of classical and quantum resources.”

Yuval Boger

Chief Marketing Officer QuEra Computing

Unlocking Quantum Potential: The role of Native Quantum Hardware in QMware’s ecosystem

Our cloud platform harnesses the capabilities of native quantum hardware, providing a quantum leap in computing power and enabling businesses to transcend current technological limitations.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hengesbach, CEO of QuiX Quantum

“At QuiX Quantum, we are fully committed to making native quantum hardware accessible for early industrial applications. QuiX Quantum’s technologies, like boson sampling, make quantum hardware integration into existing data centers a reality today. We are excited to be working with QMware to make commercial quantum advantages available at scale.”

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hengesbach

CEO of QuiX Quantum

A four-level integration approach: QMware’s differentiator in quantum integration

QMware’s four-level integration aims at merging classical HPC and quantum hardware at the deepest possible level. This way, QMware intends to enable the next evolution of Q-HPC systems, enhancing overall performance and unlocking the full potential of quantum computing for enterprise data centers. Currently, QMware is integrating up to Level-3 with partners such as QuEra Quantum Computing.

Level 1 Web Integration

Our entry-level integration allows traditional computing systems to connect with quantum processors via a web SDK provided by the specific quantum hardware vendor.

Level 2 SDK Integration

Enhancing Level 1, Level 2 provides a unified interface to QPUs via QMware’s  Software Development Kit <basiq>. This way, quantum software engineers can apply the same <basiq> API call to access all different kinds of QPUs.

Level 3 Co-Location

At level 3, QMware’s hybrid node is located in the same data center as the quantum computer. This advanced integration utilizes high-speed network interfaces for direct QPU connections, enabling direct and high-speed access between classical and quantum processors, a feature unique to QMware’s architecture. This increases the transmission speed of the data and reduces latency. This is especially important for repetitive calculations using a small number of qubits (up to 30).

Level 4 Hardware Interface

At the forefront of integration, this level replaces generic interfaces with QPU-specific hard- and software components, optimizing algorithmic performance, mitigating and fostering future advancements in quantum operations per second.

a graphic in handwriting style saying "think-deep" in black letters

The practical value of deep integration

While Level 1 integration offers easy access to different QPUs, Level 2 integration translates to an enhancement in development speed-up as the quantum software engineer can leverage one unified API to execute applications on QPUs of different vendors. While Level 3 already increases the transmission speed of the data and reduces latency, with Level 4 we expect even more progress in this regard and, at the same time, open the opportunity to distribute processing between classical and quantum computing for optimally balanced workloads.

The Global Quantum Network: Partnering with world-class QPU providers

We partner globally to offer access to the finest quantum hardware, enabling our clients to select the optimal solutions for their computing challenges using QMware’s hybrid quantum computing stack.

From simulation to execution: The journey of Quantum Algorithms on QMware’s platform

QMware’s hybrid quantum computing platform allows clients to leverage quantum technology in the present landscape. Starting with our advanced quantum simulator, clients optimize algorithms before actual deployment on quantum processors (QPUs) within our ecosystem. This process not only transitions your software into the quantum space but prepares it for seamless integration with native quantum hardware as it becomes broadly available.

Our approach ensures that the quantum software and applications developed are future-ready, enabling industries to capitalize on quantum advantages immediately while positioning themselves for long-term competitiveness.