A quantum cloud for early industry applications

Industry applications of hybrid quantum computing are key for European corporates to prepare for the quantum age. To push corporate use cases in Germany, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action has contracted a consortium to enable access for German companies to hybrid quantum computing capabilities: To build the first Quantum Cloud for industry applications in Germany.

A Quantum Cloud for Early Industry Applications: A data cloud highlighted on a transistor

QMware is one of the founding partners of this initiative, called SeQuenC. The team is dedicated to drive industry applications in the quantum computing space. With the help of cloud specialist IONOS, Fraunhofer Fokus research institute, University of Stuttgart, and the QMware hybrid cloud infrastructure, they will construct a hybrid quantum computing platform. QMware will provide the necessary hardware as well as the operating system as the basis for the industrial applications.

For industry applications in quantum computing, the SeQuenC initiative is the first of its kind. During the project’s three-year span, selected partner companies from areas such as telecommunications, logistics, finance, automotive, and energy will be invited to explore specific use cases. Applications will tackle challenges in the areas of optimization, machine learning and simulation.

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