Quantum computing to maximize efficiency in LNG logistics

Quantum computing offers new potential for LNG logistics unlocking efficiencies and achieving better business results for energy providers.LNG logistics plays a crucial part in optimizing the global liquid natural gas supply. However, LNG logistics present a profound computing challenge for energy companies given multiple interdependencies: Shipment capacities, port schedules, weather conditions, pricing, and, after all, political implications worldwide. Any planning or re-scheduling needs to consider a vast amount of data and, at the same time, address real-time developments. With this complexity, classical computing is reaching its limits. This is where QMware introduces a hybrid quantum computing approach: Utilizing the QMware Cloud, organizations achieve an enhancement in delivery capacity at lower costs.

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For companies concerned with LNG logistics, QMware offers unprecedented potential: The QMware quantum cloud platform leverages the best of classical and quantum computing power to unlock application-specific performance enhancements. The hybrid quantum approach builds on existing approaches to find improved solutions to complex scheduling problems. This way, QMware integrates the leading quantum technologies available on the market for the next level of computing performance.

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