Quantum Connect is leading Austria’s machine learning community into the quantum age

A consortium of machine learning and quantum computing experts – Gradient Zero, Anaqor, QMware and PQML – is launching Quantum Connect , Austria's first national quantum machine learning initiative. The initiative aims to build an active community dedicated to the research and development of quantum machine learning applications for future use in various Austrian industries and public administration.

Quantum Connect is leading Austria’s machine learning community into the quantum age

Vienna, Berlin, 23. November 2023

Developing machine learning applications that can benefit from quantum computing requires not only ML expertise, but also knowledge of the specific quantum hardware platforms and the combination of infrastructure, quantum mathematics, and machine learning. This combination of skills is difficult for individual companies to achieve, which underlines the need for interdisciplinary collaboration between all stakeholders to enable broader access to quantum machine learning. Quantum Connect brings together experts and industry partners to create a unified platform for knowledge and technology sharing.

The initiative was launched by Gradient Zero, a leading Austrian machine learning company, and funded by PQML. Through the partnership with QMware, the leading European quantum cloud company, and Anaqor, a pioneer in the European quantum ecosystem with its platform PlanQK, Quantum Connect was born.

PlanQK, a community-driven platform and ecosystem for quantum applications, with its established user base, will form the technological cornerstone of Quantum Connect and drive the exploration and development of quantum machine applications. While Quantum Connect leverages PlanQK as a DevOps platform, QMware provides unmatched back-end efficiency by delivering its innovative hybrid quantum computing approach – a combination of classical high-performance and quantum computing resources – to run quantum applications on both simulated and native quantum hardware.

Quantum Connect offers machine learning developers direct and easy access to a fully functional quantum system. Quantum Connect is dedicated to advancing quantum machine learning and building an active community in the field.

“We are excited to launch Quantum Connect with our partners QMware and Anaqor to bring Quantum Machine Learning to Austria and beyond,” says Jona Boeddinghaus, COO at Gradient Zero. “We can’t wait to connect learners of all ages and experience levels and provide tutorials and infrastructure to those who want to dive into the world of Quantum and AI.”

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About Gradient Zero

Gradient Zero is a software and machine learning company focused on secure data sharing, enabling responsible use of AI, and quantum machine-learning. Based in Vienna, Gradient Zero’s team of data scientists and business experts develop software solutions across various industries, including healthcare, research, finance, and agritech.

About Anaqor – PlanQK

Anaqor is a software-focused quantum start-up in Berlin and Stuttgart, founded to help innovators develop and use the quantum solutions of tomorrow – from quantum-based simulations and optimizations to quantum machine learning. At the heart of Anaqor’s approach is PlanQK, the first open, community-based platform for quantum applications. PlanQK was initiated in 2019 and has since been continuously developed together with leading universities and companies as part of a flagship project funded by the German government. PlanQK connects developers, industrial users, researchers and providers of quantum hardware with a platform for the integration, provision, further development and monetization of quantum implementations. With over 30 successfully tested use cases and more than 100 partners, PlanQK is a pioneer in the field of platforms for quantum computing.

About QMware

QMware AG, the leading hybrid quantum cloud company, is pioneering the development of commercial solutions for hybrid quantum computing. The unique cloud platform seamlessly integrates classical high-performance computing capabilities with virtual quantum processors that include classical simulators and native quantum registers. The innovative combination of classical and quantum technology positions QMware at the forefront of making the future benefits of hybrid quantum computing economically viable for both industry and the research sector. In addition, the QMware Cloud ensures the highest data protection and security standards: customers receive access to hybrid quantum computing via GDPR- and GAIA-X-compliant online services. In 2022, QMware was commissioned as a member of the SeQuenC initiative to set up the first quantum cloud for German industry. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. Further information can be found at qm-ware.com and LinkedIn.

About PQML

PQML GmbH is a subsidiary of 2030 Green BeteiligungsgmbH, Vienna. 2030 Green invests in future technologies and markets in Austria and supports companies with access to Silicon Valley.