QMware integrates new NVIDIA quantum-classical computing stack into its own Hybrid Quantum Computing Cloud

Leading Hybrid Quantum Computing Cloud provider QMware integrates NVIDIA quantum-classical hardware and software components into the QMware Cloud, providing developers with next-level computing performance: Link to NVIDIA press release

QMware collaborates with NVIDIA for the expansion of quantum-classical systems and their integration in data centers in the European and North American markets.

QMware and NVIDIA collaborate to bring quantum-classical computing capabilities to market

St. Gallen, Switzerland – March 21, 2023, 6 pm – QMware, the leading provider of hybrid quantum computing with private cloud and cloud at customer solutions, announced today it will integrate components of the NVIDIA quantum-classical computing stack into its hybrid quantum computing cloud. This collaboration reinforces QMware’s commitment to delivering the best-of-breed hardware and software for hybrid quantum computing in their cloud.

QMware’s technology for hybrid quantum computing merges classical and quantum computing capabilities at the lowest possible level into the computational stack. This has been made possible with QMware’s unique deep integration approach that simulates hardware components to an intermediate representation for shared in-memory multiprocessing computing capabilities.

The NVIDIA DGX Quantum architecture fits perfectly into the QMware cloud with its innovative high-performance and low-latency quantum-classical computing. QMware’s customers will have access to even more powerful Hybrid Quantum Computing Solutions across multiple industries.

According to George Gesek, CTO and co-founder of QMware, „NVIDIA is one of our most valuable partners. The integration of the new quantum-classical technology marks the next step of our collaboration. The QMware Cloud brings NVIDIA-powered hybrid quantum computing immediately to market. Our customers benefit tremendously from the added value of the seamless integration of QMware’s and NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art hardware and software.“

Tim Costa, director of high-performance computing and quantum at NVIDIA, says: “Quantum-integrated GPU accelerated supercomputing has the potential to reshape science and industry with capabilities that can serve humanity in enormous ways. Through NVIDIA’s collaboration with pioneers such as QMware, NVIDIA quantum technology is being made immediately available for many research and commercial users in the cloud, enabling universities to educate their students on quantum-classical computing.”

The collaboration is also significant for QMware as it strengthens the company’s expansion to the American market. Markus Pflitsch, CEO and co-founder of QMware, stated that “Our vision and ambition of merging quantum and classical systems build the foundation for hybrid quantum computing and hereby the next level of computing performance. We see a great opportunity in the European and North American market to advance the existing data center infrastructure using QMware technology integrated with NVIDIA quantum technology. This cooperation will enable us to bring the latest quantum and GPU technology into data centers, merging the best of both computing worlds.”

About QMware AG

QMware AG, the leading private quantum cloud company, builds the first commercially valuable applications for hybrid quantum computing. Due to its open quantum platform architecture, QMware integrates technology from hard- and software providers from the industry as well as academia into its own unique quantum computing stack: The platform consists of classical high-performance computers with virtual quantum processors, which in turn can include both classical simulators and native quantum registers. This way, QMware integrates the leading quantum technologies available on the market for high-performance computing. Leveraging the best of the classical and quantum world, the future advantage of hybrid quantum computing is already economically tangible for industry and research partners. Additionally, the setup enables the realization of modern, GDPR- as well as GAIA-X-compliant online services with hybrid quantum computing. In 2022, QMware was selected to be part of a consortium to build the first quantum cloud for the industry in Germany, commissioned by The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

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