Cloud access plans

Explore our access plans to kick-start your quantum computing journey.

Quantum computing as a service for real world applications.

With our cloud access plans, we’re making quantum computing accessible for real-world applications. Our quantum cloud computing offers corporates, research institutes, and academia a safe environment to explore, build and run their quantum applications.

Flexible access plans designed for your computing challenge.

Our cloud access plans offer a range of benefits, including no need for investment in your own hardware, easy access to our quantum and high-performance computing resources, and flexible usage to suit your needs.

All you need to start your quantum computing journey. And more.

Besides, QMware opens the door to the quantum computing ecosystem for you. Get connected with leading experts from research, academia and industry.

QMware Cloud access plans

QMware offers three different cloud access plans to tackle your quantum computing challenge, each designed to deliver exceptional performance and results.

QMware simulator> 34 Qubits> 36 Qubits> 40+ Qubits
QPU integrationAPIco-location
Access time unlimited
24/7 uptime ✓+ SLA
User seats5 / fair use10unlimited
Storage NVMe-flash100GB200GB200GB+
Term / months31236
UpgradeGet your POC runtime
  • Unlock GPU access
  • Extend term duration
Get your dedicated QRE*
  • Higher performance compared
    to evaluation cloud service
  • Dedicated CPU and GPU access
  • Dedicated RAM
Get your exclusive QRE*
  • Highest performance
  • Exclusive CPU and GPU access
  • Exclusive node
*Quantum Runtime Environment

Private access for secure and reliable quantum computing.

With QMware’s quantum cloud services, you have everything you need to tackle even the most complex quantum computing challenges. Our cloud access plans are designed to deliver exceptional performance and results, with each plan tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to experiment with quantum computing or integrate it into your business operations, our cloud access plans are the perfect entry ticket to the world of quantum computing.

With QMware, you can be assured that your data and research are in safe hands. Our private cloud provides the highest standards in security and reliability, ensuring that your quantum computing journey is smooth, efficient, and secure.

graphic in handwriting saying "ready-to-discover-quantum"

Benchmark in industry: our end-to-end support.

Need help getting started? QMware provides you with end-to-end support: from analyzing your problem space to defining your use case, training your team, and deploying your solution in a productive environment.