QuEra and QMware collaborate to power hybrid quantum computing applications in Europe

QuEra and QMware announce their collaboration to advance hybrid quantum computing, integrating QuEra's premium quantum computing technology into QMware's unique hybrid quantum computing cloud.

The companies are targeting the rising demand for quantum applications, notably in Europe, where QMware has built a strong presence through tenders and client partnerships.

QuEra and QMware collaborate to power hybrid quantum computing applications in Europe

Boston, Massachusetts, and St.Gallen, Switzerland, October 25, 2023 – QuEra Computing, a leader in neutral-atom quantum computers, and QMware AG, the leading hybrid quantum computing cloud company, today unveiled their collaboration to power early use cases in hybrid quantum computing. The partnership will integrate QuEra’s leading quantum technology into QMware’s hybrid quantum computing cloud platform, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of European customers across research, industry, and academia.

QMware’s hybrid quantum computing cloud distinguishes itself through its distinctive quantum computing stack, seamlessly combining classical high-performance computers with virtual quantum processors. By integrating QuEra’s 256-qubit quantum computers, QMware is extending its platform’s capabilities and reinforcing its commitment to hybrid quantum computing.

“Integrating QuEra into the QMware Cloud platform expands our product offering from several gate-based to analog quantum processors, further emphasizing our commitment to delivering top-tier computing performance to our customers,” said George Gesek, chief technology officer, QMware.

QuEra’s unparalleled technology, including its 256-qubit Aquila-class machines and FPQA™️ technology, will address a broad number of opportunities for QMware’s customers. QuEra’s integration into QMware’s platform signifies an evolution in quantum computing, offering a blend of system size, coherence, and innovative quantum processing.

“The collaboration with QMware is a strategic step to address the growing demand for top-tier quantum solutions in the European market,” said Yuval Boger, chief marketing officer, QuEra. “Our combined expertise and resources pave the way for complex computing challenges to be solved with the ideal combination of classical and quantum resources.”

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