Trending Topics: Austria’s University of Applied Sciences will provide students with education in quantum computing

It is one of the key technologies of the 21st century, and all major national powers and tech giants are investing heavily in the field: quantum computers. They are considered to be the high-performance computers that could even help decide whether or not humanity gets to grips with the climate catastrophe.

Trending Topics news article about QMware

In Austria, too, there should be many more young talent in this future-oriented field in the future. To this end, the UAS Technikum in Vienna, which currently has 4,500 students on 30 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, has entered into a partnership with the Swiss company QMware AG, headquartered in St. Gallen. The company operates subsidiaries in Austria and Germany and will offer students at the Vienna UAS practice-oriented basic and advanced seminars in linear algebra, quantum physics and hybrid algorithm programming.

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