Superconducting Qubits and Algorithms Conference

August 29 - September 01, 2023

Science Congress Center Munich

Information about this event

Superconducting Qubits and Algorithms (SQA) is a not-for-profit scientific conference with a focus on science, technology, and algorithms relevant for superconducting quantum computers. It is organized by IQM Quantum Computers, the Technical University of Munich and the Munich Quantum Valley in cooperation with the scientific community.If you are around, come visit the QMware team at our booth and join us for the poster session on Wednesday to learn more about our hybrid approach to quantum computing as well as our benchmarking capabilities.

QMware Event - SQA Conference - August 29 Munich

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270 / 440 EUR


IQM, Munich Quantum Valley, TU Munich

Our speakers

George Gesek

George Gesek

"A uniform quantum computing model based on virtual quantum processors"

CTO and co-founder