ISLA conference: Quantum computing in healthcare

September 12, 2023 - 9:00 AM

Dorint Hotel Munich Garching

Information about this event

ISLA organizes conferences and other events where service and logistics professionals find the opportunity for meeting, learning, sharing, and networking. On September 12, they will bring the topic of quantum technology on stage: In healthcare, quantum breaks new ground with the early detection of rare and life-threatening diseases, acceleration of drug discovery, and making medicine more predictive, preventive, and individualized. Experts from science, quantum startups, and healthcare companies will review the current state of quantum computing, figure out use cases for healthcare and beyond, and discuss practical, legal, scientific, and other aspects of the technology, and how it will influence our industries in the next few years. Participants from healthcare as well as from other industries are welcome.

Event: Opportunities of Quantum Computing in the Healthcare Industry and beyond

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free of charge // 150 // 250 EUR



Our speakers

Markus Pflitsch

Markus Pflitsch

"Your quantum prescriptions: How quantum algorithms can drive personalization, from hyper-targeted drugs to precision laser therapies"

CEO and co-founder QMware

George Gesek

George Gesek

"Quantum enhanced imaging and diagnostics with AI"

CTO and co-founder QMware